We'll all encounter Death someday, so why accelerate what's already in store for us and experience what's left?
— Joey, towards people who had lost faith.

Joey is best known for his late night radio show Joe's Music Mix, he is both an official member and the leader of the Scarf Heroes. He is confirmed to be in the Scarf Heroes Anime. He wears a green scarf and carries a broadsword he calls 'Justice'. Justice, however, is no ordinary broadsword, as it will burst into flames during battle, hitting enemies even harder than usual. Justice can also be hurled like a boomerang to hit enemies multiple times, similar to the Strike Raid ability in the Kingdom Hearts series. Joey is technically one of the founders of the Scarf Heroes group. He is the writer and director to the Scarf Heroes Anime.

When he is fulfilling his duties as a police chief, he always carries his riot shield, Faithful. Even when holstered, this shield is always protecting him from gunfire. Joey also equips his Messiah revolver, even if it is currently in need of repair.

Joey enjoys patrolling Crestfall, and watching Sheepy create her masterpieces on her art platform. She may be an outlaw, but wealth is not the only thing she steals. She stole the heart of the leader in law enforcement.


Joey used to be known for doing small deeds such as fulfilling requests for his friends and various strangers, which resulted in the creation of a foundation for his recognition. He has given up on his musical legacy and strives to do the right thing and serve.

Joey's Music Mix

Every night at midnight, Joe would host a radio show called Joe's Music Mix or JMM for short. The show would usually last an hour and consists of several songs, mostly from various video games he enjoys. Unfortunately, Joe could not continue JMM and it was handed off to a friend, eventually being cancelled.


Joe is best explained as "a kindhearted person." He is good at telling people what they want to hear and often shows concern for others. He is also rather hard working, doing whatever he can to help others as well as achieve his own goals. Notable features are his long blonde hair and a surprisingly deep voice.


  • Back when Joe hosted JMM, he had a turtle named Benson co-host the show. His current whereabouts were stated that he is quietly living in Joey's residence.
  • Joey aspires to be a police officer.
  • In the Scarf Heroes Anime, the character Joey plans to have an initial rivalry with Sheepy. With him being lawful, and her being rebellious.
  • They would later grow a strong romantic relationship as it progressed.
  • He was actually Alyssa all along.
  • He is known to be a "mad monkey".
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