Loyal Guard Janet had a very troublesome childhood. She lived in an apartment within the Commercial Area in Crestfall with her two parents. After she had been born, her two parents had fought constantly in front of her. This led to her belief that she was in fact, the issue within the household. That conclusion forced her to be the mediator between the ongoing fights of her parents.


When she was 7 years of age, her father finally left after promising her the night before that he would never abandon his family or his wife. The moment she felt as though she was finally in control of the few individuals she loved finally faded away. This empty feeling is her worst nightmare and she vows never to feel it again. This includes protecting those she loves to her dying breath in any case.

Her mother was heartbroken and could not go on. The stress of a single mother was far too much, and unfortunately took her own life when Janet was 14 years old. This led to Janet feeling empty once more, and permanently shifted her very soul to be a guardian. She made a promise on her soul to defend and save everyone she loves physically and emotionally, if she dared to fail once she accepted that she would become part of the Faded.


The apartment was now owned by Janet, and she finally decided to take responsibility by finding a career in the Marketplace as a Fresh Goods Seller. She has been working every shift from morning to overnight in order to prove that she can work hard and stand on her own two feet.

She had taken notice of the guards and their weaponry. Janet believes the guards should be equipped with high-quality spears rather than blades to have more defensive measures. She crafted the Ferdasper herself, and aspires in becoming a guard someday.

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