Battles & Events

The following are Battles and Events in the life of Janet.

Loss & Separation

The moment when Janet lost her parents, this allowed her to fulfill her destiny and begin her journey by finally taking responsibility as an adult. This event marked her traits such as being over-protective, workaholic, and maturity.

Smashian Residential Area

Janet helped defend the civilians when the walls within the Smashian Residential Area were breached.

"Nothing is invincible. Not even the gods, nor these great walls. Everything - crumbles at some point. Please. Let me defend my home." - Janet to a guard within the S.R.A, her soul shining.

Corruption at its End

Janet helped the attack toward the Crestfall Government and its guards with the potential newly formed Scarf Heroes, Stripe Club, and Crestfall Police Headquarters.

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