The Irradiated Forest is a confirmed location in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It consists of many different types of trees, shrubbery, and wild life. This forest is situated in the Old World, more specifically north of Crestfall, the Highway, and stretches beyond the Old City. Many travellers are wary to never stray within for a long period of time due to extreme health defects and rapid mutation. The friendly town of Durbaefay lies further north into the forest, however the citizens have taken the correct precautions to avoid these high levels of radiation. The animals and insects are known to be highly aggressive, and seem to be disturbed and irritated by the chemicals constantly flowing through this area.


Before the nuclear bombings in 2162, this forest was part of a nature sanctuary. With the Old City constantly expanding in size from its exponentially increasing economy, the citizens had voted for this forest to be protected by the former government. This has led to the building of a small peaceful town formally named Durbaefay beside it, to appreciate its many naturalistic wonders. The majority of its population are elderly citizens who were considering retiring and spending the rest of their days in a more natural scene.


Due to the unnatural chemicals and dangerous levels of radiation, the population of Crestfall would like to restore it back to its original state. However, the corrupted Government of the metropolis refuses to implement environmentally-friendly solutions to reduce the amount of toxins, and filter the air. When the Scarf Ancestors were active, they were creating a plan to construct wind turbines to produce electricity and produce a flow of fresh air to allow the air to become breathable. They only managed to build eight wind turbines surrounding Durbaefay, as that town was the closest and the biggest priority for the survival of its people.


  • Considering it is near-impossible to travel across the forest from Durbaefay to Crestfall, Joey must have needed to walk around the entire vicinity.
  • This forest is the main reason for the air pollution, as most radiated liquid ended up within it.
  • The trees still do have their leaves, but they do not filter oxygen as each one is infused with chemicals.
  • The animals would be considered dangerous to the average man.
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