The role Hikaru has within the Scarf Heroes universe is a leadership model. Being the number one Scarf Hero, Hikaru learned that she should be a stern boss of the group. Unfortunately, she does not make it to Crestfall and feels betrayed. Thus, she continues to live her lone wolf lifestyle within the Old City once again.

Hikaru is also considered the manipulative type. She will do anything in her ability to survive, such as playing innocent or begging for mercy in some circumstances. It is very difficult in which to tell if she is being truthful or deceitful when she speaks - this is to her advantage.

She also is a rival to Esther Carina. She believes him to be just some other thug, but with slightly more skill than the rest. He believes that she is a demon when he saw her absorb the souls of many innocent families, so that she can both restore her own soul, and steal the stockpile that had with them. Hikaru has knowledge of the Crows, as she simply calls him a "bird".