Haru is the 44th Scarf Hero, as well as an aspiring singer and an old world languages polyglot in the making. Despite his constant ability to pull himself down, as well as his lack of ability, he never stops to try and help people to the best of his abilities. He loves the fact that the Scarf Heroes want to help others in need, and has always aspired to join them prior to his encounter. He wields ReMaRa as his weapon.

In real life, he is merely another human being; a huge fan of singing. His inspiration to expand his love of singing is the thought of becoming famous on Nico Nico Douga. His role models include Ehmz and 96Neko, in terms of singing. He tends to role model all of his friends in order to never give up on being a Scarf Hero.

With his black, white, and gray scarf, Haru hopes to help people cheer up when needed. Whenever he can, however, Haru dresses as his alter-ego to help people without any so-called bias from rank. His name is Meep Man.


Haru is an average-height adolescent of Asian, specifically Filipino, descent; despite his food intake amd minimal exercise, Haru has been able to maintain his thin body structure. His skin is naturally tan, but has been known to become lighter with enough maintenance.A diagonal scar moving from upper left to lower center can be found at the front of Haru's neck. His current hair color is gray, with his eye color being silver. His hair is almost neck length, with most of his hair ending around the same length. The hair in front of his face is kept in a neatly combed side-swept bang-like form. His hair is relatively straight, though usually a few strands of hair may curl a bit outwards.

Haru's casual attire usually consists of his splattered-gray black long-sleeved shirt, covered by a dark gray jacket with white outlines. He sports neatly cut jeans, not too short to reveal his socks but not too long to clump at his feet. He wears black shoes with neon green outlines, as well as a few accessories; his glasses, his scarf, a wristwatch, and his headphones, which have a treble clef and a bass clef on the left and right sides, respectively. He also sports an olive sling-bag which carries at least three pockets in each pocket; finally, he sports a chain, symbolizing his chained-up feelings and emotions.

Whenever there is a planned excursion, Haru tends to dress as he usually would, but with a lot less clutter. His scarf is usually put aside for cleanliness reasons, and his chain is put away too. Haru usually ties his jacket around his waist, and will tend to move his larger bang from the left to the right.


Haru is considered to be a mashup of a wide array of personalities, yet is commonly known for being shy, peace-loving, neutral, and slightly girlish. He tends to be very thoughtful to a fault, such as his inability to choose sides as he feels he may offend the other side; however, when needed to, he will gladly choose the side that seems best to him. He is extremely fond of peace, even though peace may seem unobtainable in his current world; this, in turn, leads to Haru's inability to fight, despite his knowledge of his weapon. Despite that, Haru tends to provide cover fire or support his allies with medical attention when needed. Due to past experiences, Haru' self-esteem is horrendously low. He is constantly pulling himself down, calling himself weak or horrible; this, along with the fact he is both a pessimist and a perfectionist, tends to weigh him down a lot more than anyone else, usually because he forgets what others say easily, but cannot forget how he sees himself. Despite that, Haru tends to pull up a positive aura to protect his friends from fear or worry, something he has been told not to do too much. He can also be a bit of an attention-seeker, usually pulling himself into pits so others can help him out; usually, these are harmless and are formed whenever he feels invisible.

Haru can also tend to be a bit girly, despite his claims that he is indeed male; this has caused to feel even more self-conscious, and even vain to an extent. He always wears clothing that seems plain, that would not stand out or be criticized, and he constantly fixes his hair. Sometimes, Haru has even been known to try and find books relating to objects which could replace glasses, as he feels so self-conscious that even glasses seem to pull his appearance down. Despite that, Haru can also tend to be very serious, and whenever in a serious meeting, he will dress formally. He always wears a tie when in formal clothes and completely buttons down his shirts no matter the weather, and even wears three varieties of the same jacket to match weather patterns.

However, Haru's relatively self-centered life is also very social, despite his shy and introverted nature; he is known to easily befriend people, despite his temper usually acting out. He is known to befriend those who most of his allies dislike in hopes of helping them turn a new leaf, no matter how far they have lost themselves. Haru is also known for his very short temper, something all of his friends are shocked to see whenever he does get mad.

Haru can be considered one of the weaker Scarf Heroes both physically and emotionally; he cries a lot and is very sensitive to pain, yet he always tries to endure it. He never speaks out his issues, as his confidence is very low and he doubts anyone will ever hear him, yet he silently mutters words of dislike towards certain events and actions. Alongside that, Haru also prefers changing himself over changing others, and has been known to suffer from easy persuasion.

Abilities, Traits, and Weaknesses

Abilities and Traits

Haru has no abilities which appear to state that he is not of human background, and has always wondered how most people around him seem to be beyond human; he thinks of himself far below everyone of his friends, but still manages to be of slight use. Compared to a normal human with a normal past, he is slightly more useful, though he would hate to pull people down and admit to such.

Highly Intellectual

Having been raised in a family of high hopes, Haru is above the average IQ level of his age. Throughout his life, he was taught things rather advanced for his age; he learned how to square and determine square roots by third grade; he has purposefully memorized a lot of the periodic table of elements, and has memorized certain tidbits of information regarding old world countries. Aside from that, he seeks to learn as many old world languages as he possibly could, having a list of more than 20 languages. In an ironic twist, he seems to memorize more pointless things compared to things of true information.

Highly Reflexive

Though not really as good as most of his allies, Haru has quick reflexes and can dodge blows with relative ease, though he has never done so as he has never really gone into a pure fistfight before. He also uses this to switch weapon parts whilst battling an enemy. What he lacks in speed or power, he makes up in critical thinking and reflex. He claims to have gotten better by, dodging people as he ran up and down the roads of Crestfall.

Speed of Learning

Haru learns things relatively quickly, as his perfectionism would so prove due to his unshakable desire to be good at everything. He has been shown to only read things once and still memorize certain details of the object in question. This trait of Haru's can be used in both a common way and a more offensive way. From making minute changes in his food to changing tactics, his quick learning speed allows him to be rather flexible when handling situations, to the point he might slack off a bit.


Haru is considerably strong-willed, being able to maintain his stamina for a rather long period of time. He can maintain a rather battle-ready stamina for a good hour or so; even so, he will still fight until his last breath, so long as it is to defend his friends. Though this may seem to be something short of all of his friends, it is enough to suffice most issues he has run through.


Haru is a normal human of slightly lackluster combative abilities. Apart from his reflexes and slightly above average strength and stamina, he is utterly useless when fighting. Yes, he has common knowledge of his own weaponry, but ReMaRa can easily be taken away from him or become damaged, especially the headphone cord. He has little to no knowledge of fighting, despite having been in many fights throughout his life. Due to this, he can be considered a glass cannon of some sort, as his weapon provides great power yet is very fragile, as well as his generally body.

Other weaknesses include what any common human would have; blood loss, fire, ice, fatigue, thirst, or any other forms of damage which may prove fatal on a human.

Battle Style

Haru prefers to be in the back lines, as either a support or ranged fighter; his tactical skills are rather useful, though they have never really been noticed. He prefers being quick yet accurate with his moves, choosing to be on the safe side rather than a more ballistic choice of action. He fights by dodging everything, followed by quick consecutive attacks with ReMaRa; despite his most used weapon part being better suited for ranged attack, he has found that it may be able to be used in melee fighting to a certain extent due to the blast and recoil of which he may face.

In general, he is best suited as a ranged attacker, hiding far back where he cannot be hurt as easily.



Though he honestly dislikes her for taking Esther, he hides his dislike quite well. He never denies that they get along quite well. Haru often worries if Isa takes things too far when it comes to Esther, but nonetheless, he still cares for her well-being as he would for any other ally. Personally, he wishes she could tone down on the Esther love handle, but never complains about it. He puts all of his faith on Esther's well-being on her, and the same vice-versa. He never wants her to depart from his friend circle.


Haru and Kay's friendship can be considered the most radical of Haru's friendships, considering their opposing thoughts with each other. Haru tends to be more peace-loving and respectful, even to Kay; it is very rare for Haru to be fully mad at Kay, even if he were nearly killed due to her attitude. Haru tries his best to joke around with her so she may have a better time when talking with him, but it always falls flat. With his worry and doubt, he believes Kay dislikes his way of thinking, and has been trying to become battle-wise, in a sense. Despite that, Haru thinks he is on good terms with Kay.


Though admittedly not completely acquainted with her, Lilí and Haru are relatively fine around each other. Haru has always had a fascination for biology, and Lilí and the flower within her are no exception. They chit-chat with a calm composure, as if they had been friends for the longest time. Though they seem well, Haru does harbor slight hate towards her due to Pyran. He just cannot stand it if Pyran were to be taken by Lilí. Despite that, Haru hopes he does not offend Lilí and that they may be friends for years to come.


Haru's friend since his mercenary days, as well as his housemate, Pyran is most likely the friend of which Haru trusts the most. Due to their seemingly opposite personalities, the two bicker and quarrel, yet always seem make amends within seconds in a way similar to siblings. In fact, many people have called them siblings, much to their disagreement. Haru secretly harbors feelings for Pyran, and has yet to reveal them. He does, however, admit it in his diary. On top of all this, Haru is jealous of a lot of Pyran's aspects, from looks to usefulness. Personally, for Haru, Pyran is a role model in terms of lifestyle, but not so much on personality or social life.


  • As of now, Haru lives in a house with his friend and prior mercenary partner, Pyran.
  • He is discontent in himself and everything he does.
    • As an add-on to this, he is a perfectionist, an overachiever, and he suffers from lack of self-esteem.
  • He is bisexual, and no matter how hard he tries to hide it, it is very obvious. He has come to accept it, though he never admits it.
  • Haru's diction consists of a complete lack of contractions and a fair amount of formal language. Despite this, he speaks normally when excited, mad, or scared.



With a sense of world connection, Haru chose the two versions of Connecting to be his theme. He believes that this song can really show people that many people can be connected by one small thing. Even in the Scarf Hero Universe, Haru is extremely pacifistic, believing that making such connections is key to peace. Whether friend or enemy, Haru will never take them for granted.
Connecting -World Edition- 【ver Amity】05:03

Connecting -World Edition- 【ver Amity】

Haru's current theme.

Connecting -World Edition- 【ver Borders】05:03

Connecting -World Edition- 【ver Borders】

Haru's current theme.


Haru's older theme was a cover of Connecting made by various utaites. He feels that the song's meaning describes him to an extent, and would always cheer him up need be. Without any bias, the cover is indeed nice; it has a wonderful blend, as well as a deep meaning. Surely everyone should find their reason to sing.
Collaboration Connecting feat05:01

Collaboration Connecting feat. Vocalist

Haru's oldest theme.

Artist's Interpretation


-44 Haru

Made by Tales


Made by Amber

Haru is a wiener also

Made by Amber


Made by Kay



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