Grace is a character that appears in the Scarf Heroes Anime. She is a supporting character to Richard and Eggurai. Grace is a young woman, and works with Sean in the EmHack HQ. Along with Eggurai, and Suzuka, She is one of the three OCs to be a SH member (in the anime's universe only). Her Scarf number is 43.75.


Grace has soft skin, and has hazel eyes and straight brown hair. She wears makeup and paints her nails in red or other colors. Unlike Sean, she likes to appear presentable and often doesn't like the "nerdy" stereotype of hackers. She always wears contacts instead of glasses. She often grooms her nails and plucks her eyebrows.

Grace often likes finding out secrets on Crestfall's corruption, the Crestfall Police, and the Crestfall Armed Forces. She's always a curious character, and loves exploring. She hates it whenever Richard and Eggurai argue.


Grace is often described as a caring and icy lady. While she does care about others, such as Richard and Eggurai, she may sometimes act very bossy.

Grace likes to control the group. Despite her efforts, some of her plans fail, resulting in her going to mood swings. She expresses her emotions more than the other members. She has a hard side, in which she can be very mean, usually if she's provoked. She's mostly caring and loving, and enjoys company.


Grace wields the Rose, a small object that appears like a Rose. Despite this, she could use this weapon as a method of destruction and total annihilation on an opponent. While not as powerful as the Xenon Weapon, Grace prefers to not fight in the front scenes. However, if something should happen relating to an event, she may use the weapon to its full potential.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Xeno GT
  • Hacking
  • Respect
  • Richard (she possibly has a crush)
  • Cats and Animals.


  • The Bard
  • Whenever Richard and Eggurai argue.


  • Grace may have a crush on Richard. She's often seen hanging out with him.
  • Grace has a fear of lightning (astrapophobia).
  • She often straightens her hair.
  • Grace is vegetarian.
  • She likes cats.
  • In one episode, she says she's a fan of Richard's Xeno GT.
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