Ginasin Genocide is the Tommy Gun owned by Mira, the leader of the Vultures. She uses it as her secondary weapon due to low amounts of ammo, since she must craft the gunpowder and bullets herself. She uses it as a shield from swinging slashes, showing some markings in its material when in serious situations. She keeps track of any 'impressive' kills she's made with this gun. 

She rarely misses her targets, but that's because she aims for the middle Grenades to finish them off. 


The overall length of the gun is 813 mm (32.01"), while the barrel length is 267.0 mm (10.51") and the weight while empty, is 10.58 lb (4.80 kg) with a Caliber of .45 ACP and a the action being 'Blow Back'.

It's Feed is 20-30 round box / 50 round drum. Muzzle Velocity is 920 ft/sec (280m/sec), with a Rate Of Fire being 600-700 rounds per minuet and a range of 656 ft (200 m ; 219 yards)


As stated, it has an overall length of 813 mm (32.01") being of average length. Mira has a black sling to help her carry it as it is somewhat heavy.

She has written 'Genocider' on the side of the gun in a bright green spray paint, showing her own marking upon the gun. It has kept it's accuracy even in its condition.


After Mira lost her weapons in a fight, while adventuring the waste, she had to scramble to find a weapon. Since it was the wasteland, there was debris and old artifacts everywhere, Mira noticed the top of the gun sticking out from rubbish and ran to grab it. She grabbed it up and hoisted it, quickly using the blow-back action several times hoping it would work, the gun made sounds, malfunctioning, then in an instant burst, the gun made a explosion like sound, firing all its bullets at the attacker, but due to recoil, Mira fell on the ground. She noticed how she had brutally killed the attacker, all the bullets in their face, he was mangled. She looked at the gun, knowing it would be useful.


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