I use the Fernaster as I use my very own limbs. It is a part of me, and I treat it as such to help me in my battles.
— Janet

The Fernaster is a unique weapon owned by Loyal Guard Janet. It is a spear that can transform into three different sizes depending on the scenario. The sizes include lightweight, moderate weight, and heavyweight forms. The sharpness of the blade of the spear can also be adjusted according to the amount of enemies in battle.


Loyal Guard Janet used to work in the fresh goods market in the Marketplace situated within the Commercial Area. Crestfall is known for its high levels of substenance and farmland, which has helped Janet establish her own housing and assets. Unfortunately, her profits were stolen several times by desperate civilians. Eventually she had decided to craft her very own weapon in defense against the many threats within the metropolis. She always wanted to defend territory and people, so she was inspired to make a defensive weapon suited for guards.

Abilities & Traits

The Fernaster has many abilities and traits related to combat effiency in various scenarios. This allows the weapon to be very versatile in any given situation.


The lightweight variant of the Fernaster is best at throwing distance. It also has the sharpest and smallest tip of the spear. This is because if the spear is needed to be thrown farther, it will have to be sharper due to the loss of speed toward its target.

Moderate weight

The moderate weight variant of the Fernaster is well-balanced in most scenarios. It has medium throwing distance and has a fairly large sharp tip of the spear. Janet enjoys keeping her weapon in this stage due to easy transformation to a higher or lower stage if needed.


The heavyweight variant is commonly used in crowd control, such as individually battling against multiple enemies at once. Janet rarely uses this stage due to fighting one or two individuals at once. This has the worst throwing distance and has the largest tip of the spear to pierce multiple enemies in a single lunge.


  • Janet typically holsters the weapon on her back whilst sleeping.
    • She dislikes using the heavyweight variant as it slows her movement speed even more.
  • Joey had forgotten the significance in the name of this weapon.
    • However, he does in fact remember that it used a play on words.
      • It is most likely associated with the word "Fern", as he utilized it many times in his high school days. It may also possibly be a linked to German culture.
  • Using !What_is_Fernaster? in the Throne Room Live Chat will make the Loyal Guard Janet Bot respond.
  • The use of a spear for a guard was inspired by the Spearman unit in Age of Empires II.
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