Faithful, or "Faith" for short, is the name of the police riot shield Joey always carries around. It is made out of lightweight bullet proof materials. He had found the shield on an officer laying in front of several family corpses. Joey had thought that this fellow officer had such immense honor to protect these families with his own life, that he would to take good care of the shield that did its all to do so. Also due to the fact that he saw those husbands and wives clutching onto each other until the bitter end, he learned to take good care of those he loves.


Faithful is not only 98.5% bullet resistant, but it is also flame resistant. It has a small see-through bulletproof glass, so that visibility is unaffected. There are strategically placed holes for liquid circulation in underwater use. Joey always equips this shield when he is in his work or "Wastelander" outfit.


  • Joey decided on the name because of the strong passion and faithfulness to his one and only love, Sheepy.
  • Faithful is one of the few items Joey possesses that are named after good-natured nouns.
  • He is always in the front of the group with this shield held up in caution of several unexpected dangers.
  • When "holstered", it fits perfectly on his back, further protecting his backside from danger.

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