Faded are one of the main threats that will be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. The Old World has an infestation that does not seem to ever end. At least the grand majority of the world's human population has become one of these creatures. Thousands of faded surround the great walls of Crestfall, and they swarm the streets of the Old City. Many Crestfall residents suggest that is where they are mainly coming from, considering it was housing at least 2.3 million citizens before the nuclear warfare. Faded arise despite the condition of the body, even if its head was removed entirely. As long as the central nervous system is in functioning condition, they will move and lurk for their prey.


In the year 2164, humanity all across the world had become power hungry, and nuclear warfare had begun. This had affected all countries, and there was no such thing as neutrality during that time. The continents affected the most were North America, Asia, and Europe. The bombings had caused nearly the extinction of humanity, and had certainly caused deadly and insufferable amounts of radiation across the globe. This has affected the environment in terms of climate, wild life and plant life. The mass amount of radiation had caused nearly all humans, alive or dead, to transform into Faded. The reason for this is from the overwhelming levels of nuclear chemicals affecting the brain and central nervous system.


These creatures had kept all of the physical attributes regular humans do, and their bite does not cause the victam to become faded. They are very similar to zombies in the Left 4 Dead series, but do not necessarily have special units within the population. Instead, there are massive amounts of them, to the point where they stack up against each other if an object is blocking their way. They are ferocious, and rip their prey to shreds, using their teeth and hands. They eat any remnants left, as they do require nutrients. If the faded do not find any humans or creatures of any kind, they will find other means of sustenance. They also think very logically in scenarios, using coordination and flexibility. However, their only disadvantage is they do not communicate. They do become more active at night, but this is only because of the change in temperature.

Faded are most notable for being the "Lost Souls" in the Old World. They have either been created due to a mix of radiation and the lost of their very own soul.


  • They were the supposed cause of one of Crestfall's sectors to fall.
  • Thousands of them surround the great walls every day, stacking upon each other.
  • They have the ability to wield any kind of weapon to their advantage.
  • Two of the Faded can easily overwhelm the average man.
  • There are at least 2,000,000 Faded within the Old City.
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