Elena is another antagonist who works for Benjamin, and she's often considered to be his girlfriend or companion. She works alongside Ben and Marko, and she's just as power hungry as the said two. She's part of the unnamed criminal enterprise Peter leads.


She lived a pleasant life, within the same community as Peter, Richard, Grace, Sean, and Eggurai. She secretly had a crush on Richard, and wanted Richard to only care about her. Despite this, she later found out that Richard has another female friend named Grace. This angered Elena, and she found out about Ben and his crew.

She joined Peter in her attempt to seek revenge on Richard and the Scarf Heroes


Blood Staff

Elena holds the Bloodstaff, a deadly melee weapon that takes the form of a staff. Essentially a large stick with a spiked ball, it contains "magical" powers. Usually the said staff fires a potion that seduces males into liking her, later being killed off. Luckily, Richard has countered this weapon, but he may need to take risks to save his friends from her spell.


The Vizion is a bow and arrow allows Elena to fire deadly streaks of arrows at her opponents. It's known to tear through armor, and it could be proven deadly if precaution is not taken.


  • Unlike Marko or Ben, she doesn't drive a weaponized vehicle.
  • She hates Grace the most out of Richard's group.
  • She's addicted to Richard, always attempting to seduce him.
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