Durbaefay is a small suburban town located north of the Irradiated Forest and beyond the Old World. It consists of restored residential homes, and medical camps that have luckily not been taken over. The population of Durbaefay is comprised of 3,980 people, and the majority of it is the elderly and children. It is one of the few civilizations that has a high amount of medicinal rations. It is known to be highly stable in resources.


Durbaefay is the connection of hundreds of fully restored homes, surrounded by a fence to halt zombie progress. Joey used to live here with his grandfather until his late teenage years. It is unknown as to what state it may be in now, considering a group of raiders have attempted to plunder the town for its resources. The small town is naturally defended by the surrounding dense forest. Most children that finally reach the age of 13 can craft their own unique weapon. Dozens of militia guards defend the area, and an actively used cemetery is nearby to bury humans and zombies alike.


  • It is unknown if Joey's grandfather still lives to this day.
  • Joey had his very first kill in this town. It being a rogue adolescent teenager his age.
  • This town is where Joey had crafted his weapon Justice, and had received his Messiah revolver.
  • The name of the town holds personal significance.
  • Surviving military personnel are still positioned here.
  • The flag color is green with blue stripes.
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