"Vroom would be considered the Crow that flaps with one wing. We all still love him to death, though." - Kevin Karvington.
Vroom is a member of the Crows and will be a featured character in the Scarf Heroes Anime. He has a vocabulary of very few words, and enjoys being a mechanic. He is Kevin Karvington's best friend considering they spend a lot of their time fixing up the Liberator Tank. Vroom is considered easygoing and simple-minded.


He is the tank driver and guard of the group. He enjoys smashing down rubble and has a passion for demolition. Vroom struggles in memory, which is the main reason as to why he forgot his original name. Eventually he found Kevin and they had since become very close; like brothers. He declares the word "vroom" in different tones to match how he's feeling, in terms of emotions.






  • It is unknown if he had also seen Alyssa as a child wandering in the Old City.
  • He is the same age as Kevin.
  • The cause of Vroom's speech problems are still a mystery, though it is assumed that it was brought on by a brain injury.
  • The only way for this character to further develop is if other characters describe him as he has speech issues.
  • He was the one that dug out most of the rubble in the Crow's Nest.
  • It could be possible that Vroom served in the Crestfall Armed Forces, due to his experiences with tanks.
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