Dom is the third and last Multi in Scarf Heroes being the one to complete the Multi Trio. Dom thinks very highly of himself, often leading to jokes about his huge ego. He doesn't like to take orders from people and believes he can take anyone in a fist fight. Though he only fights for honor and pride and will not kill unless necessary to save others. His scarf is purple and black and his weapon is the Nukagammer.


Flirty Dom
Dom is a black male with a small afro, he wears a leather jacket with a black and gold Viking helmet, jeans, and black high-tops. Dom looks 22 years old and he is taller than Daf and barely taller than Chain standing at 6'5. He is physically the strongest Multi, being able to beat Chain and Daf in a fight at the same time without any of the Multi's special weapons.


As mentioned before, Dom is extremely egotistical and he's usually hitting on a girl. He deeply cares for friends especially Daf and Chain and loves partying. Many people call him are "Mr. Ego", "The Third Multi", and "Perv". Even though he has amazing strength, he doesn't ever fight seriously and does everything possible to avoid killing anyone.


As a child the only people Dom knew were Daf and Chain. They were best friends and depended on each other to survive, but when Dom's multi abilities awakened he couldn't control them and saw himself as a threat to their lives. He ran away without a word to them, he thought it was the best thing he could do for them, but life alone was hard, until he found Lime an abandoned toddler in the wasteland. He adopted her and moved into Crestfall, working at the Stripe club to take care of her, but being a father made him more protective, he secretly formed the D.U.A.L. division from his old allies to protect Crestfall, but his daughter joined the Scarf Heroes in spite of his warnings.

Powers & Abilities

- Extreme strength.

- Multi healing blood.

- Multi portals though he has mastered them though he mainly use them to get weapons.



The Nukagammer is Dom's Nuclear Hammer that causes small explosions every time it hits something.


  • Third member of the Multi Trio.
  • Has rivalry with Chain because he thinks it's fun to fight skilled people.
  • Best friends with Daf.
  • Leader of D.U.A.L Division.
  • Limes adopted father


  • Dom works at the Stripe Club as a bartender and bouncer.
  • Even though Dom is called a "perv" he's really just a romantic guy that's a little too eccentric about his job.
  • Though Dom leaves the Scarf Heroes he tries to maintain a positive relationship with the team.
  • Dom has a daughter named Lime.
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