The Divanus is Ḿatheus Gaiana's main weapon, along with Elise.


The exact date and location from the weapon isn't known, but it's certainly known that it's an extremely old and exotic weapon.

Graia's residents believe it's a direct blessing from Gaia, who made it herself, after creating the titans, and hid it to avoid being used, by gods or titans alike, resulting in it not being known at all, even by the gods or titans. When the titans were defeated, truth about the weapon came into light, and the gods decided to hide it until a "worthy" wielder was born.

However, other people believe it's a weapon produced by a forger thousand of years ago, using a gem containing a high ammount of energy that can create water, fire, metal, earth and air molecules, and agroup and manipulate them.

The origin of the weapon is highly debated to this day, both in Graia and other universities.


The Divanus is a bracelet made of gold, which contains a gem in the very middle. The gem changes its color depending on the element the wearer is using. The stronger the element, the more colorful the gem will be. When the wearer runs out of energy, the Divanus also loses it energy, turning into a moonish white.

It runs on the wearer's energy - As such, a backup weapon is often used along with it.


The weapon is extremely powerful, as it can control the five elements at will, and fuse them together, creating new mixes. It's mostly used for offensive combat, however a few elements can be used for defense as well. When all fingers have the same element, the wearer enters the "Potestatem" form of that element, making it five times as strong.

List of mixes


  • Fire + Water: Fumus Flumine
  • Fire + Earth: Montem Ignivomum
  • Fire + Air: Ardens Caeli
  • Fire + Metal: Flumen Ignis
  • Potestatem Ignis: Ignis Spiritus


  • Water + Fire: Fumus Flumine
  • Water + Metal: Venenum Mortale
  • Air + Water: Gyrum Caeli
  • Water + Earth: Circulus Aqua
  • Potestatem Aqua: Oceanus Ascensionis


  • Metal + Fire: Flumen Ignis
  • Metal + Water: Venenum Mortale
  • Metal + Air: Clausus Petras
  • Metal + Earth: Venenosa Caeli
  • Potestatem Metal: Diamond Impetum


  • Fire + Air: Ardens Caeli
  • Water + Air: Gyrum Caeli
  • Metal + Air: Clausus Petras
  • Earth + Air: Mors Arenae
  • Potestatem Air: Satis Vixi


  • Fire + Earth: Montem Ignivomum
  • Water + Earth: Circulus Aqua
  • Metal + Earth: Venenosa Caeli
  • Air + Earth: Mors Arenae
  • Potestatem Terra: Gaia Mandatum

Potestatem Form Fusions

(To achieve these, he must have used the respective Full Hand Forms before in battle.)

Ignis Spiritus

  • Ignis Spiritus + Oceanus Ascensionis: Tenebris Aetheres
  • Ignis Spiritus + Diamond Impetum: Centrum Terrae
  • Ignis Spiritus + Satis Vixi: Ignis Aerem
  • Ignis Spiritus + Gaia Mandatum: Partes Terrae

Oceanus Ascensionis

  • Oceanus Ascensionis + Ignis Spiritus: Tenebris Aetheres
  • Oceanus Ascensionis + Diamond Impetum: Diamond Carmina
  • Oceanus Ascensionis + Satis Vixi: Aqua Mortem
  • Oceanus Ascensionis + Gaia Mandatum: Pars Maris

Diamond Impetum

  • Diamond Impetum + Ignis Spiritus: Centrum Terrae
  • Diamond Impetum + Oceanus Ascensionis: Diamond Carmina
  • Diamond Impetum + Satis Vixi: Meteororum Ardent
  • Diamond Impetum + Gaia Mandatum: Diamond Canite

Satis Vixi

  • Satis Vixi + Ignis Spiritus: Ignis Aerem
  • Satis Vixi + Oceanus Ascensionis: Aqua Mortem
  • Satis Vixi + Diamond Impetum: Meteororum Ardent
  • Satis Vixi + Gaia Mandatum: Visio Arenam

Gaia Mandatum

  • Gaia Mandatum + Ignis Spiritus: Partes Terrae
  • Gaia Mandatum + Oceanus Ascensionis: Pars Maris
  • Gaia Mandatum + Diamond Impetum: Diamond Canite
  • Gaia Mandatum + Satis Vixi: Visio Arenam


  • All Full Hand Forms together: Elementares Princeps
  • All Full Hand Fusions together: Elementares Regis
  • Elementares Princeps + Elementares Regis: Vastabat Omnia


  • The weapon is a direct reference to the Greek "Four Elements" theory, with the addition of "Metal".
  • "Divanus" is a mix of "Diva Manus", or "Hand of The Goddess."

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