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Dhana was created by the user Skiddoozle (Georgia/GG). She likes making new friends and making people happy, she tries her best to not be awkward and making everyone feel welcome, although she doesn't always succeed. Dhana has a silver short-sword as given to her by Daf. She has a basic understanding on how to wield it, and was taught how to not be terrible at it by Kay.


Dhana grew up in a wealthy family of merchants in a wealthy sector of Crestfall. Her whole life she was pampered and got everything she wanted. She knew that she would grow up to become a merchant too and rake in even more money to become even more pampered.

And she hated it.

Dhana wanted to work for her luxuries and make it on her own. She wanted efforts to pay off and failure to factor in to things. She wanted to be her own person. She wanted a challenge. Dhana also didn't have any close friends were she lived, only distant acquaintances, she was lonely, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Armed with a big container of food, a carving knife for protection, a big bottle of water and a pouch full of money which was not too much, but just enough. She decided to leave her home and forge her own path in the world. Dhana intended to go to the Commercial Area, dreaming to get a job as something, she wasn't sure. Baker sounded good. But so did secretary- or maybe she could work in some sort of café! She new that it would be quite easy to get hired, as having an employee in the Prifma family would make people excited for supposed future business offers.

The Commercial Area was a long way from her home, it would take several months to get to her destination, so she traveled on the back of her trusty donkey and childhood friend, Poffe. One night on her trip, she couldn't sleep. She decided to climb a tree and look at the stars, she'd been doing that a lot lately, the stars and Moon relaxed her. She felt at home when looking at them, in fact, the moon was full that night and shining brightly. Her eyes then wandered from the sky to the roads a few meters from where she was. She loved them at night, peaceful and empty, nothing on them but one or two foxes and a horse carriage full of bandits.


Before she knew it, arrows were flying past her head. People with bandannas covering half of their faces were pillaging the little supplies she had. She quickly climbed down from the tree and hid behind it, desperately trying to find a place to run without being killed on the spot, but it was too late. A burly bandit wielding a katana ran to attack her and took her by surprise. The last thing she saw was the weapon plunging towards her chest and then...

Whiteness, pure whiteness. For a split second, the whiteness faded from Dhana's vision. What she saw was astounding, she was protecting herself with some sort of energy, to the terror of the bandits. Then she slipped into unconsciousness. Dhana woke up on the grass with a throbbing headache, ears ringing, and a burning sensation on her hands. She looked around quickly and didn't see anything. No blood. No people. Apart from the headache and hands, she was unscathed. All of her money and other possessions were gone. Even her best friend/ donkey. After looking around for Poffe for a while to no avail, Dhana decided to walk the rest of the way. After all, the Commercial Area was only a day away on foot.

When Dhana finally made it to the Commercial Area, she was incredibly weak from fatigue and hunger, luckily, she heard that a place called the Citadel gave places to rest for those who needed it. Upon arriving there, she was given a place to stay the night as she intended to rest up and apply for a job the next day. While eating a graciously given meal, Dhana overheard a small meeting of a group of Scarf Heroes. They talked about people they were helping by doing many different things, including fighting. Fighting off the Faded at the walls and anything else that was trying to breach it, fighting for the safety of everyone.

Dhana was incredibly inspired by this casual meeting, she wanted to help too. Then she thought back to her strange magical outburst before, and the fact that she had basic training with a sword. After a lot of consideration, she decided to join the Scarf Heroes and find her place in the world.


Dhana has long, hazel hair that rests mainly on her left shoulder, on her head she wears a gold hair-band with five white jewels on it. She has quite pale skin and peculiar white markings on the palms of her hands. She also has light blue eyes. Her scarf is very long and one end trails behind her while the other is tied in a short knot at the back of her neck that's hard to see. The colors of her scarf are white with a fancy gold pattern at the end of it. There is also a small gold pattern on the part of her scarf that's in the middle of her neck. She has a long, light-grey T-shirt that is held in place by a gold belt with a white jewel in the middle of it. She wears white trousers, the same color as her scarf along with grey shoes.


Dhana Prifma has a caring, optimistic and slightly awkward personality. She cares deeply about those close to her and always wants to protect them in whatever way she can, even if she is not very good at doing so. She always tries to keep the spirits up of those around her. She does this by being enthusiastic about small things and making positive but generally-unhelpful comments. Her greatest fear is letting her friends down.

She can be described as an introvert desperately trying to be an extrovert; Although she can sometimes be quiet and need to be away from people, she always makes an effort to approach and reach out to others in a constant battle between her resolve and her nature. Because of this, she can be very awkward at times and her interactions can come off as forced to others, especially those she just met.

Her optimism can be both helpful and hurtful depending on the situation. It can give light to new solutions and motivate people in certain circumstances. In others, it can make her seem naïve and untrustworthy. She also tends to spout her optimistic speeches in a panicked manner when very stressed.

Dhana has a very strong moral compass, she will always try to do what she believes is right. When around others in large groups, she might hesitate to speak her mind about more serious subjects, but she will always make sure she gets a word in eventually, even if it is too late for it to be relevant.

Dhana is very clumsy and will constantly be found tripping over and stumbling, especially in the more extreme terrains of the wasteland. When she falls, she tends to get back up promptly and brush it off by saying she is fine, and then pretend nothing happened with a fake air of confidence.

Being strong and being able to defeat enemies easily is a trait that Dhana not-so-secretly looks up to and wishes to have. She often gets slightly annoyed at herself for being rather weak compared to the rest of the group. She seems to spend the most time out of anyone training, with varying degrees of success.

Traits & Abilities

Dhana knows very little on how to control her powers. Her powers revolve around natural light. She is quite strong when exposed to sunlight and incredibly strong when exposed to moonlight, although it is rare for there to be enough moonlight for such a power surge.

She is, or at least will eventually be able to create small projectiles of energy, the strength of these will vary due to her power source. These projectiles are akin to bullets but are usually not as strong. She can also create two beams of light energy from the palms of her hands and wield them as swords. These are much stronger than the projectiles and take up much more energy to use.


If she is in a place with little to no natural light (E.g. a cave or a room with no windows) she cannot make anything that would harm anyone, all she can do is create a small, dim light. She also currently has no knowledge on how to control her magic, and cannot figure out how to get it to work. All she can do at the moment is create the aforementioned small, dim light.


  • Dhana loves watching arena fights, she finds them incredibly exciting!
  • She is always tripping over her long scarf. Despite this, she doesn't want to shorten it as she likes how it looks.
  • Her favorite food is meringue.
  • She loves the idea of wielding a giant battleaxe, though she'd never be strong enough to lift one.
  • Dhana is quite the baker, she knows 23 cake recipes off by heart. She learned these from her Aunt when she was young.
  • Her relationship with animals is unusual. She likes them and their presence but restrains herself from forming a friendship with any.
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