Crestfall Police Headquarters or C.P.H. for short is the main facility that necessitates law enforcement throughout all sectors of the metropolis. It is one of the many locations that are going to be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It is the establishment where Chief officer Joey works, and is the building that finalizes all operations and routines involving patrols, stakeouts, and tracking of criminals. The surrounding area has the lowest crime rate out of all sectors. The highest ranked and trained officers are on duty at all times near this building. The main rival of the C.P.H is anyone involved with the Stripe Club, meaning all mercenaries and rebellious folk.


The building is 4 stories tall, each floor having a specific task and involves a different work force. It is located at the heart of the commercial area, close to the very center of Crestfall. Its appearance is very modern and blends in with the surrounding commercial buildings. It is on the same street as the Stripe Club. The entrance is heavily guarded and the facility is strictly off limits to citizens. It has recently been having issues involving the government of Crestfall, considering the leader, the Bard, is corrupt and attempts to influence law enforcement to his bidding. Joey strongly disagrees with the many ideologies the Bard has for the upkeep of the metropolis. It is also known for being the closest structure to the Citadel .


Considering it is the main workplace Joey spends his time at, it will be a featured location in the Anime. Gangs may sometimes have confrontations in this area, but will be quickly stopped by the officers. It is the central facility for dealing with the population's issues, and is heavily stressed at all times.


Most officers hold a semi automatic pistol, but a pump action shotgun or carbine rifle can be used for hefty firepower. For protection, each officer wears a complete set of police riot gear and helmet and they also have several bulletproof shields.


  • The main rivals of the C.P.H. are the Stripe Club and Crestfall's government itself.
  • It appears just like any ordinary skyscraper, with the exception of the many armed guards surrounding the faculty.
  • Joey is seen flirting with Sheepy, Stripe Club's leader, outside the facility at night.
    • Sheepy avoids the guards by traversing onto the roof and onto its scaffolding, knocking on Joey's office window so they can both spend time together.
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