The Crestfall Medical Center is a large hospital that appears in the Scarf Heroes Anime. The hospital appears in downtown Crestfall, and it's the place to go for medical treatment. The hospital serves as another building, but a few characters are known.


Just like any other hospital, the Crestfall Medical Center is a 20 story white building with windows, and a large red medical cross symbol on the upper half of the building. An entrance in the lower half has the words "CRESTFALL MEDICAL CENTER" and electronic sliding doors are present.

The hospital is made up with highly trained physicians, surgeons, and nurses. The large amount of the doctors were usually selected by the Crestfall Government themselves.


The hospital of course is responsible for providing medical treatment to the citizens of Crestfall, Crestfall Veterans, Police, and Soldiers. Being a busy hospital, recent construction has prompted the government to build a second building due to the high demand of medical treatment.

The Second Building is mostly for dental care, and dentists are commonly seen in the second building. Dermatologists, Optometrists, and Pharmacists are also in the second building.

Crestfall Medical School

Crestfall Medical School is a smaller building located nearby the larger buildings. This is of course, the school were new physicians, surgeons, or other types of professions that are in the med field go into.

The School is part of the Crestfall Medical Center, and it's the only Medical School currently in Crestfall.


  • The Crestfall Med Center provides discounts to military members and police officers.
  • The hospital was established by the Scarf Ancestors.
  • There was once a shortage of doctors in a period known as the great suffering.
  • Despite being a hospital, due to Crestfall Government restrictions, dentists also have to use the Hospital (they're usually in the second building).
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