The Crestfall Mafia is a large organized criminal organization from Crestfall. Consisting of five families, the mafia, like every mafia, is nearly impossible to stop. They're notorious for their criminal actions. They're fierce enemies with theCrestfall Police Force. They also have ties with the Bard.


The large Mafioso has many mobsters who operate in the poorer areas of Crestfall. Despite this, their leader is rich and has a large mansion and nice cars.

The mafia has alleged ties with The Crows and the Crestfall Government. The leader of the gang's identity remains unknown. The Crestfall Police have been trying to take down the criminal empire with some success, but many officers lost their lives at the expense of taking down the Mafia.

The leader, who's commonly referred to as John Doe by the Crestfall Police, is best friends with the Bard. The Bard puts the leader under witness protection. 

The Mafia is heavily involved in political activities. The Mafia's goals remain unknown, but they have in the past lead successful heists. 

Five Families

The mafia is controlled by rich members known as the Five Families, just like a real mafia. The five families are listed below:

  • Garrison Family
  • Kovensky Family
  • Chiatti Family
  • Dekovic Faniky
  • Smith Family

The families often own successful businesses, work for the government or even become in law enforcement.

Known Members

  • Deno Dekovic- A owner of an Italian Restaurant who's part of the mafia.
  • Dr. Josh Chiatti- A medical physician who has some ties with the mafia. He's a highly respected member in Crestfall, because he earned his MD and he's a medical doctor. 
  • Freddy Fino- A robotic setient being who resembles a bear. It could possibly be based on FNAF's Freddy Fazbear. This is due to the fact that Miiverse is well known for having vicious groups of FNAFs fans.
  • X- The unknown leader of the mafia.
  • Sasha Melojevic- A Serbian assassin, who may be in the Mafia. He's well known for pushing around the Albanian minority in Crestfall. He once tried to massacre the Crestfall Police, but he escaped, and he's on the Crestfall's Most Wanted List.
  • Omar Al-Dafsi- A businessman from Dubai. He finances the mafia and he's a high-ranking member. He leads a large group of armed men who are willing to kill anyone.
  • Johnny Caprelli- A shady drug dealer who created the drug known as the "Rose". He's been arrested many times for assault, battery, drug dealing, and Grand Theft Auto (Car Theft).
  • Chigo- A bank robber who managed to steal money and launch a heist.


  • The Mafia may be involved in illegal activities, just like other Mafias.
  • The Crestfall Mafia has five major families, and other smaller sets.
  • The Mafia is heavily based on New York's and Chicago's Mobs from the 1940s, as they operate similar, but with more modern items.
  • Dr. Chiatti was once raided because of his suspicions over his ties, and due to the fact his family is one of the major groups within the group.
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