The Crestfall Government controls all of Crestfall, its sectors, and massive walls. This established group even has territory control in the Old World with the use of outposts filled with armed guards. The leader of the government is the Bard, and he heavily taxes every citizen and business under the metropolis' control. Due to the rise of power and assets, they have been known to be very corrupt. The wealth they have gained over the past few years has allowed them to recruit their own large armies. Considering the government believes the Scarf Heroes, previously known as the Scarf Ancestors, have been scattered or wiped out, they do not tolerate anyone to declare themselves as such. The Bard has ordered any unit that has found a Scarf Hero, to exterminate them on the spot for a monetary reward. He has convinced the entire government that these people are simply imposters and nothing more.


The Crestfall Government owns the Citadel initially in the Scarf Heroes Anime. Their main rivals are the Scarf Heroes and anyone at the Crestfall Police Headquarters. Joey highly disagrees with the direction and laws of Crestfall that the government implemented. To avoid crime and sabotage, a law was put in place for all citizens to have a curfew. They also do not agree with the restoration of the Smashian Residential Area, and declare it as a waste of time. Rosaline and Jose are planned to be casual governmental guards, and they will be passive towards Alyssa and the others. Loyal Guard Janet quit her career in the Marketplace due to the high taxes.


  • The Bard has a passion for fame and dominance over the citizens and oppression.
  • Joey and his squad refuses to patrol during the late nights to avoid arresting innocent people.
  • The Stripe Club denies to surrender to the government, which further boosts some sort of alliance between them and Crestfall Police Headquarters in the future.
  • This government is also assumed to be a monarchy due to the Bard proclaiming himself as king.
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