Crestfall's Most Wanted is a warrant issued by the Crestfall Police Headquarters and Chief Joey. The list is also known as the Blacklist consists of mafia leaders, mercenaries, street racers, hackers, and thieves. The Most Wanted list is issued all across Crestfall via television, internet, and electronic billboards.

The Most Wanted

  • Crestfall Mafia's Leader- an unknown man who is responsible for all of the human trafficking rings, raids against the Crestfall Armed Forces, and the Crestfall Police.
  • Tsunehiko Akita- Currently in hiding. He leads an armed terror group known as the Dead of Night
  • Void- The head admin of the Smashian Victory Force and right-hand man to the leader. He is responsible for the mass murder of many YuTuians.
  • Omar Al-Dafsi- a shady business from Dubai, UAE. Wanted for allegedly having ties to the Crows, and the Crestfall Mafia.
  • The Crows- every member is wanted due to the fact they launch terrorist attacks on Crestfall and attempt to flood the city with chaos.
  • Misaki Akibahara- Admin of the Smashian Victory Force. It is presumed she killed more people than Void, but is overall slightly less of a threat than him.
  • Tiger- Tiger is an alleged hacker who is wanted for hacking Crestfall's government websites, leaking information on the Crestfall Armed Forces new weapons, and hacking a security bot.
  • Vance- Vance wanted for street racing, after wrecking and causing havoc across Crestfall. 
  • Sasha Melojevic- a Serbian assassin who attempted to massacre the Crestfall Police for unknown reasons.
  • Dr. Steeg- a former scientist for the Crestfall Armed Forces who opened a portal and brought the Scarf Villains. Also wanted for leaking documents on nuclear weapons the Crestfall Armed Forces possess.
  • Dennis- Wanted for trespassing the Tri-Mega HQ multiple times, and stealing a tank to try to terrorize the city (the tank was captured, but Dennis escaped).
  • Dark Hammer- An android created by Sworx. He is incredibly powerful being and is hunting the every Scarf Hero for a bounty that has been put on them. It is not wise to take him on alone.

The list can grow on and on. As the Crestfall Police attempts to take down the criminal, more seems to come.

Canon Antagonists
Antagonist Groups
Crows * Faded * Uncivilized People
Andy * Bard * Carly * Esther * Kevin Karvington * Mortimer * Sasha Rothschild * Vroom

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