The Concatenation Brick Factory was one of the few surviving buildings before Crestfall was established. It will be a featured location in the Scarf Heroes Anime. The machinery and overall structure of the edifice was intact. This was the reason the giant walls surrounding the metropolis were constructed in the first place. The materials locked away in the basement were also one of the key factors into Crestfall's development.


Before Crestfall was built, this was the largest building in the small suburban town. With the leadership and morale boost that the Scarf Ancestors gave, civilization was rebuilt. The Concatenation Brick Factory still remains in the metropolis, but it is hidden away within several newly established apartment blocks in the Commercial Area.


  • This building was developed to give a somewhat logical reason as to how the walls were built.
  • Without the Concatenation Brick Factory, Crestfall most likely would have not existed.
  • The noun "Concatenation" [Con-ca-te-na-tion] means a series of things or events. Joey had thought because the placement of bricks is an ongoing series of things, this word would fit right in.
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