The Commercial Area is the core that holds all of the sectors together. It is the central point in Crestfall and will be a featured location in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It is the most important and focused area in the metropolis. It is also where most of the featured characters will be residing and housing themselves. The only way of entering Crestfall is through this sector, as the main entrance is parallel to it. Most citizens dream of working in this area because it is the safest and most non-stressful or physical sector, in contrast to the Farmlands. Many crop yields will be sold in the marketplace, which has booths for fruits and vegetables running all along the Commercial Area. The only issues that arise are gang wars conflict heavily involving the law enforcement.==History==

This was the very first sector built, and each commercial building used to only serve as residential buildings. However, as the survivors from the Old City populated Crestfall, the other sectors were constructed. The Citadel was artificially built entirely.


The Commercial Area will also be the spot that will introduce many characters while unleashing action scenes. It will also be where most of the characters will be working. The original road of the highway remains, but has been repaved and restored to look like new and convince residents to ignore the Old World.



  • The Commercial Area has a total of 540 buildings.
  • The citizens working at the fresh produce booths need to carry all products from the Farmlands to the Commercial Area.
  • The owner of the Bigleyton Hotel is unknown
  • The Bard taxes all merchants and residents 40% of all their sales.
  • People very rarely enter through the Entrance.
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