The Citadel is the home to all Scarf Heroes and those that are in need of help. This Wiki represents the structural integrity of the fortress. The more pages that are present equals to how large the building is, therefore it is constantly expanding in size. This is the residence of the character, Queen Alyssa, and any Scarf Hero that would prefer to live in the building rather than separate housing.


The building is designed in Greek/Roman architecture, meaning the majority of the material used is marble. Columns and arches are also used to have this effect. The Citadel will be mounted on a hill, with marble stairs leading up to the gate. The gate doors are always open, yet always guarded.

Scarf Heroes Anime

Guardiana Castle

Guardiana Castle from the Shining Force series. Which the Citadel will be based upon.

It will be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It is going to be in the northern part of the commercial area of Crestfall. It was first constructed by the first legends of the scarf, the same folk who had constructed the metropolis as a whole. It is not controlled by the Scarf Heroes group at first however, instead, it is owned by King Bard. He is considered to be the ruler of the metropolis and is head of its government. The structure was in perfect condition, but because of the Bard's harsh ruling, it had decayed. It later gets restored, fortified,  and eventually becomes the only world wonder. The design is planned to appear based on the Guardiana Castle from Shining Force, but instead is made out of marble stone and constructed on a man-made platform.


  • Throne Room.
  • Royal kitchen.
  • Master bedroom (Alyssa's room)
  • The Fab Queen's bedroom (next to Alyssa's room)
  • Armory.
  • Barracks.
  • ... And many more!


  • When Joey created this Wiki, he always envisioned it as Alyssa's very own castle for both her and friends.
  • It will continuously grow, as she ordered.
  • The Throne Room is the main area for discussions and socializing.
  • It has rules which can be found here.
  • It will always have an established monarchy.
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