Central Plaza is a major commercial intersection within the Old City. It contains all four primary roads from the Highway, in which both separate into two diagonal lanes because of the main Central Plaza building. The plaza is 1,440 feet length by 640 feet in width. This open area allows a distinctive advantage for snipers on the surrounding building rooftops.

Central Plaza is known to be the "domain" owned by Hikaru Sakura, with her army of Fading.


Central Plaza was the main area for pre-war workers to converge at their workplaces. This district was protected and owned by the mayor of the city. Mortimer was desperate to own this property, and only succeeded when the war occurred. Despite being the most famous location within the city, the pre-war military defended this area the most.


The major commercial intersection holds approximately 48 skyscrapper structures and a dozen apartment blocks. There are the four primary and distinguishable roads, and 8 other connecting roads. The most notable landmark in this area is the third largest building within the Old City , which is now home to Hikaru Sakura. It is the Central Plaza building, which was known as the Caerus Tower.


  • Central Plaza was influenced by Time Square.[1]
  • Hikaru does not allow traders, wanderers, or Faded within the Central Plaza boundaries.
    • She orders her snipers to shoot anyone on-site.
  • Caerus Tower was named after the Greek God Caerus, a minor God of luck and opportunity.[2]
  • The domain is technically under Mortimer Bank Co. affiliation.


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