"WHAT THE **** IS A BRUNO" - when first hearing about him.

Bruno was the 3rd ever official Scarf Hero. He had made some of the first drawings involving them, such as a tea cup with a scarf around it. He was dedicated, passionate and overall a friendly user. He was also the very first (publicly known) male member. He had no official scarf color or weapon, but his age was known to be 14 years old.


He met Alyssa and Hikaru back in September 2014. When he heard the two discussing about the idea of the Scarf Heroes, he jumped in and incorporated tea. He was always willing to do whatever he possibly could to be part of the group.

"He was... interesting. The best word I could think of about him was that he got a little bit obsessive." - Alyssa


He seemed attention-seeking in a way, but only wanting to get as much of the two girls's attention as he could. He also struggled with loneliness and felt abandoned. He may have also possibly had depression.

"I remember saying something to him... I can't remember what... It wasn't mean or anything but it actually made him snap. I think it was a remark about him maybe being lonely. That hit him so hard..." - Alyssa

He suddenly disappeared, and seemed to have given up keeping up with the Scarf Heroes. He is assumed to be alright and healthy to this day. He was confirmed to be featured in Episode 1 of the Scarf Heroes Anime. He's a very important person in the history of the group.


  • He was from Poland.
  • No one knew about him, at all.
  • In the script of the SH Anime, he seems very edgy.
  • His Scarf Number is 3.
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