The Braggart is a hybrid weapon owned by Mortimer. It is a combination between a gold steel-plated minigun and a professionally crafted warhammer for blunt force trauma physically and unbeatable firepower at a range. This weapon is reinforced in order to balance the momentum in swinging the warhammer. It also possesses many grips and handles in order to stabilize the gun whilst firing and its major impactful swing. A notable feature of the Braggart is that it can be compacted and folded into the size of a backpack and can be worn as one.


Once Mortimer had learned that the Scarf Ancestors were equipped with unique weaponry, he was immediately envious. Using his wealth, he ordered many materials from all over the surviving world, and then hired many skilled weaponsmiths to craft the Braggart. Mortimer holsters it on his back at all-times, even whilst sitting at his desk. He now aspires to eliminate all Scarf Heroes with the weapon alone.


The Braggart is a golden M140 Minigun with a steel-plated reinforced spiked warhammer. The overall length of the minigun is 804 mm, with a barrel length of 564 mm. The total length of the reinforced warhammer is 6 ft (1.8 m). The overall weight of the Braggart is 111.4 lbs (50.53kg). Despite its heavyweight and length, the warhammer and barrels are foldable and can be compacted with ease. The top portion of the warhammer has indentation in order to cause more of an impact, and the very top has a spike, increasing its combat efficiency with a stabbing option.

Traits & Abilities

The Braggart is a wide range weapon due to the minigun bullet spread, and its close range combat utilizing the warhammer. The minigun can fire at a distance up to 3,480 ft (1,061m).


The Braggart can increase its fire rate from 6,400 rpm to 7,200 rpm. This causes the minigun to overheat and become jammed, only allowing Mortimer to be able to attack with his warhammer for a certain period of time.


  • The Braggart can easily outrival the Trillaryllis in a battle.
    • The Braggart is also similar to the Trillaryllis of its hybrid type of a gun and melee weapon.
  • The weapon had costed Mortimer over $64,000 in trade.
    • Mortimer then used the weapon itself to terminate certain hired weapon smiths in order to avoid costs.
  • Despite the weapon being useful in its foldability, it takes approximately nine seconds to unfold to its default state.

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