Benson is a 2-D turtle from the Game & Watch series that has also been featured in the Super Smash Bros. games since Melee. He is genuinely joyful and optimistic, and is unaware of certain conflicts. Mr. Game & Watch was his previous owner, until he met Joey and decided to have adventures with him. Benson could possibly be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime or the upcoming Animation Shorts.


Benson began his life in the Game & Watch portable game, Turtle Bridge. This is the area where he had met Mr. Game & Watch and the two have been together as a team until recently. They met Joey, who was hosting his popular radio show: Joe's Music Mix at the time. Mr. Game & Watch then decided to give ownership of Benson to Joey, so the two can have bigger adventures. They have had an immense amount of conflicts and events with different video game characters, but they usually ended peaceful and calming. After J.M.M had finally concluded, Benson has taken residence with Joey and currently continues to live happily there.



Benson, on Joey's shoulders.

Benson may seem to be inefficient in combat. However, this is not the case, and it may seem to be to his advantage. He can fire laser beams from his mouth which will instantaneously vaporize anything within its range. He also has the ability to swap his attack to fire if the need arises. Similar to Kooper's Shell Toss from the Paper Mario series, Benson can perform that as well. Even though he is in 2-D form, he can be also used in downhill scenarios as a means of transport. He is always content unless a threatening conflict occurs.


  • Turtle bridge

    The game, Turtle Bridge.

    Technically, Benson is older than Joey.
  • He however, retains a childish trait and tends to seem unfamiliar with certain things.
  • Benson's birthday is February 21st and he was born in 1982. This concludes that he is approximately 34 years old.
  • Mr.Game&Watch uses the turtle as one of his attacks in the Super Smash Bros series.
  • The Turtle Attack in Super Smash Bros. can deal a maximum of 15% damage and has a stun effect.
  • Benson detests Joey's other companion, Sandbag, out of pure jealousy.