The Asterion Form is a super state the character Richard can achieve. The Asterion form usually lasts for a set amount of time, yet it greatly increases the speed, strength, and intelligence of Richard himself. Richard's weaponry will also be in the same state too.

Richard in the Asterion Mode

Richard himself can achieve the state once his self-confidence builds up to a point where he can destroy anything. Asterion Richard increases Richard's speed greatly, allowing him to run at speeds of 75-200 MPH an hour. Richard's reaction time also improves, and his punches and kicks can deliver a whopping 6000 PSI of force.

  • Allows Richard to run at speeds of 75-200 MPH.
  • Richard's punches are at 6000 PSI.
  • His reaction time is perfect, meaning he can dodge firepower and bullets.
  • Gives Richard the ability to summon the deathly "Lightning Mecha" on his opponents.
  • Allows Richard to fly to a certain extent.

Xenon Asterion

Richard's weapon the Xenon Weapon will also be in the Asterion state as long as Richard is in it. Despite having the Xenon RS as an upgrade, the Asterion mode beefs up the weapon, allowing it to hold 12,000 rounds of ammunition, fire automatic explosive rounds, and cause a shockwave to destroy and damage opponents.

  • Holds 12,000 explosive rounds.
  • Can cause a plasma shockwave.
  • Disables any nearby electronic device.

Xeno GT Asterion

Richard's car, the Xeno GT has an Asterion state. The Xeno GT's horsepower will increase from 1500 HP to 4500 HP. This makes the Xeno GT hit Mach 2 speeds (which is 1,522 miles per hour or 2450 Kilometers per hour). The Xeno GT will be weapon resistant, and it can cause massive sonic booms that cause an enemy to soar to the air.

Along with hitting Mach 2 speeds, the Xeno GT wil have a massive blue aura of speed surround the vehicle. 

  • Allows the vehicle to hit Mach 2 speeds.
  • All of the Xeno GT's weapons will contain explosive plasma rounds.
  • The vehicle will be weapon resistant.
  • The Sonic Booms will destroy almost anything.
  • The vehicle's air capabilities will be improved.

Xeno Bike Asterion

The Xeno Bike, also is improved. Overall it's similar to the Xeno GT in terms of upgrades.

  • Increased speeds of up to 950 MPH.
  • Allows the bike to hover for longer periods of time
  • All of the bike's weapon systems will be at its max state.
  • All of the bike's weapon systems contain explosive plasma rounds.


  • Richard can only achieve the Asterion state under concentration, and the power of the scarf.
  • It's similar to Kay's Rage forms, and Keisuke's Overkill Modes, as all three states increase the characters themselves.
  • The name Asterion is part of Greek mythology, but it's also the name of a Lamborghini concept car, the Lamborghini Asterion.

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