The Artimus Twins are dual blades owned by Isa. They run on the power of emotion. The stronger the user's emotions, the sharper they get, concluding in the more damage they can give. The blades get the strongest during the peroid when any emotion expressed by the holder is at its peak. When the blades are triggered, they will give off a light pink glow. The disadvantage is that you need a certain amount of emotion to activate it, and that power only lasts so long. In a day's time, the more it's used, the more the power will drain, and the blades will become slightly dull. However, you may still use them as regular knives during this period of time, since they still hold fighting potential in any state. It takes great power and emotional energy to control the Artimus Twins, so it is suited well for people like Isa.


Isa found the two blades inside a chest inside an abandoned house after being chased into there by a large group of Faded. There was a chest that was glowing pink whenever she approached it, so she investigated with the little hope she had and found the blades. She grew very interested in them, so she took them and used the blades to fight for her life. As time went by, Isa has taught herself how to use the powerful blades, and can now fight skillfully with them.


  • The blades favor Isa. No one else has been able to use them like she does.
  • The blades glow when they feel emotional energy.
  • She keeps them strapped to her belt on either side of her waist.
  • They are unbreakable.
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