Angel or "My Angel Wings" is the Anti-Materiel Rifle owned by Esther. He uses it as his primary weapon, and crafts his own shells once he runs out. This weapon maintains his sanity and has been a large impact on both his life and the threat levels of certain locations. He had logged every single kill he had made with this gun, human and zombie alike. At the beginning of the anime, Esther and his Angel rifle have an estimation of 27 confirmed human kills and 5,710 confirmed zombie kills. Every human kill loosens his sanity, which is why he rarely shoots them.

Esther never misses a target, there has never been an occasion where he wasted a bullet. It has been recorded to pierce a dozen zombie skulls at once, which is why it is a suitable weapon for crowd control.


The rifle is 26" in length and weighs approximately 42.5 lbs (19.3 kg). It is fairly light for its size and bulk, and is equipped with a suppressor, extended magazine, and a night vision scope. Esther straps in on his back for easier mobility. Due to the quality of the weapon, it has kept its accuracy since it had been manufactured.


When Esther was only 10 years of age, he found a fallen soldier on a roof of a building in the Old City. The soldier was perched up high in the sky and was defending civilians during their escape. Esther sat next to the dead soldier and spoke his mind, telling the dead how he does not enjoy this reality and will only strive to be a guardian to others, much like the sniper did. For the rest of the evening, he analyzed the weapon on the roof and looked up at the starry night for answers. The next morning, he saw a little girl down the street. However, he knew that he would not be able to catch up to her in time but he did have a feeling that he will see her again sometime soon. Angel remained by his side, which he takes very good care of by cleaning it every 2 days.


  • This weapon had saved Esther's life on multiple occasions.
  • The name of the weapon can be interpreted as either the angel wings of Esther or it being a guardian angel itself.
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