Andy is a member of the Crows and will be a featured character in the Scarf Heroes Anime. He is best described as a generic and neutral character. He stays out of disputes to avoid confrontation. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat with nails stuck through it. Andy is afraid of every other member in the Crows, but stays in to continue surviving.


Andy Laelynn was not initially a member of the Crows group. He was in another unknown group, of which later betrayed him for being too obscure. For an entire year, he was all alone and found solace in player ball by himself. He visioned the parks and sport fields back in the pre-war days, and dreams of one day seeing something like that. He also took interest in reading old newspapers found in dispensers that were still intact, mainly reading the sports columns.

Eventually he met the Crows leader, Kevin Karvington. Kevin initially distanced himself from the boy from acting far too friendly, as he thought those who were as friendly as Andy were psychotic. The conversation between them only continued when Andy asked if Kevin needed anything done. Due to the Crows need for scavenging and mapping, Kevin hired Andy as a new member.

Even after months upon joining the group, not a single member takes the slightest interest in Andy. The only loyal companion the boy found was the guard dog, Willson. Their bond only grew stronger when Andy saved the dog during a patrol, when they were ambushed by Fading that were seeking animals to sell to Mortimer.[1]


Andy is a normal adolescent teen, and he had a decent childhood due to his parents caring for him. A traumatic event occurred in his childhood when his mother and father sacrificed themselves to the undead so that Andy could escape. He absolutely disagrees with cannibalism, but forces himself when it needs to be done. If he refuses he'll be killed on the spot by the other members. He enjoys playing with his baseball that his dad gave him when he was a kid. Andy tries his best to be sociable and fit in with the crowd, but the group finds him very generic and distasteful.


"Do you guys wanna play ball?"

"No? Oh... At least the wall is willing to toss it back..."

"I'll stay on watch tonight, you guys."


  • He does not typically choose violence for a solution to a problem.
  • Andy knows all of the whereabouts in the Old City, and he creates in-depth maps of it.
  • Crestfall would be his dream residence.
  • Not very combat effective.


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