Amber is the 6th official Scarf Hero, she got invited to be a part of this lovely group somewhere between late October to early November, 2014. Amber has a lot of faith in her friends and feels at ease around most of them. She will often find them lingering on her mind, even when she's far off. She relies on and trusts them wholeheartedly. Amber isn't one to fight, but if she has to, she definitely will; ever since Amber was little she's had a fear when it comes to killing things, no matter what it may be. Her family being slaughtered to death put a scar within her heart. However, if anyone is to threaten her friends she will get very angry and her eyes will start to glow a bright luminescent blue and eventually turn fiery red as her blade, Kiaruan, does the same.

In her earlier years, she ended up living on the streets of Crestfall, not really aware of where her life was going to head. Amber wore a checkered-patterned scarf during those times, presumably her younger brothers, and she unfortunately lost it. Upon losing it, Amber's last straw was on the line and she didn't have much hope left. Little did she know, Queen Alyssa had found it late one night lying around the streets of Crestfall, a bit dirty and torn up. It is unknown on how she knew it was Amber's scarf, but she eventually came to Amber with a gift. Inside a tied up box was a well woven Yellow Scarf. Amber was confused, she had many questions as to why the Queen was giving her a scarf, but the answer to that was rather simple; Alyssa promoted Amber straight to the status of Official and never before has Amber felt so honored.



In her earlier years, she grew up in Crestfall with her parents, older brother, and younger brother. Life was pretty good, the three siblings got along well and the parents were very caring and loving for all of them. Treated equally and fair, Amber grew up to be rather bright and happy, it almost seemed like she loved anything and everything surrounding her.


A few years in time, her younger brother ran away from home without a word, leaving the rest of the family confused and hurt (Soon after this Amber had taken his checkered scarf and wore it everyday in memory of him) except for her older brother. Little did anyone know, the impact of stress and worries going back and forth through Crestfall mutated his views into being rather eccentric. He became overall obsessed with the thought of death and murder, slaughtering people at ease.

Late one evening, when Amber was sent to pick up a few groceries at the local market, her brother's insanity took over him and he slaughtered their parents. In result, his curiosity about death became stronger, which caused him to slit his own throat, thus committing suicide. (This is in fact why her younger brother ran away. He was told a secret by her older brother that he fantasizes about killing their family and him. Her younger brother was scared to death by this and didn't feel safe at home anymore so he ran off.)

Amber came back with the groceries in hand, and saw the crime that had taken place. She didn't know who did it, for her older brother was dead too, but she was definitely afraid and scarred up by witnessing the fateful tragedy. She was old enough by then to fend for herself and live on her own, so she ended up taking to the streets of Crestfall, and becoming homeless.

She had a rough time at the start, trying to get used to this new routine. In desperate need for money and supplies she developed a bad habit of stealing others possessions to get by. Broken on the inside, Amber turned into a much darker person, more quiet, self conserved, cautious, and secluded. The damage from the past events degraded the hope she saw in the world. Everyday was a struggle, and she wasn't treated very well from people who were higher in social class.

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She grew more and more fearful over each hour that passed, she rarely could trust anyone until she met Riley. Riley was 15, a year younger than her, and he was also homeless. Riley however, was joyful and energetic, he fixed Amber's broken vision and filled her with hope once again. They were really good friends, he and Amber held a strong bond. Riley reminded Amber of her younger brother and felt the need to protect him.

Sadly, Riley disappeared which brought a deeper scar into Amber's heart due to experiencing the same catastrophe twice. She had a nightmare the day before his disappearance that she had murdered him in her insanely broken state of mind, and it lead her to believe that's what had happened. Amber had to hide herself from the world in shame, she began to foolishly mistake herself for a monster. In reality, Riley was a figment of her imagination, the wanting and desire for someone had created a whole other person in Amber's imagination.

Riley was one of the big highlights in her life, even though that was the part when her ache was growing it's strongest. Surprisingly, she started to improve on herself remembering Riley's advice. Trying to work off the past and clean up her act, she got a job at the local bakery and made a small amount of earnings to save up for a new place to call home. Amber later on, became a Scarf Hero.


Amber is seen as a bright light when onlookers catch a glimpse of her. She has fluffy and long pastel yellow hair, red eyes, and a warm smile and face. Her hair is considered extremely soft and silky. She wears a yellow or checkered scarf, a unique red hoodie with pompoms, very short leggings, and black boots with long socks.


Her pajamas are simply a white nightgown with black stripes, and yellow pajama shorts, with pastel yellow slippers.


When she travels the wasteland, she enjoys wearing a school uniform-looking outfit. With a blue jacket, white formal undershirt, yellow tie, brown belt, black white and brown shorts, grey long socks and formal brown shoes.


Amber is very introverted, but that does not stop her from being supportive to her friends. When alone or with her closest friends, she enjoys behaving in a funny and peculiar way. She does anything she possibly can to put a smile on anyone’s face, and has a very creative mind. She can sometimes seclude herself when she desires some alone time, but she usually decides to put her friends first. This is why she is known as our “Brightest Light”.

Traits & Abilities

She is adorable, loving, and energetic. Amber appears to have many personal and inner conflicts, which sadly halts any sort of communication between herself and her friends. It is a constant struggle and she is becoming slightly more introverted and afraid now. Lately she has been overcoming those situations and feels joyful and eccentric about it. Amber is effective in combat due to the compatibility in traits with her weapon. The Kiaruan is a soul katana, and because Amber possesses high dexterity and reflexes – she can certainly be a worthy opponent to most. This is her only weapon however, so she shares similar weaknesses to Alyssa in terms of being disarmed and open for attacks.

Her main ability, Transparency, can predict an opponent’s next move from the use of her Kiaruan. She can then effectively counter the attack in any way she desires. The downside is that this move has a charge time, so she cannot use it for every attack.[1]


She has a blade called the "Kiaruan" also known as the "Soul Sword," which was created out of pure flames. It is silver and has constant blue ancient souls that appear similar to flames. The one who withholds this sword gains the power to see visions in the future. Amber chose this weapon hoping to become stronger and eventually catch up with the rest of the team.



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She feels sometimes threatened or scared of Alyssa by her social status being Queen and often at times Amber is freaked out from her insane behavior. Overall however, she sees Alyssa as a close friend, highly respects her, and will do anything to protect her as any loyal guard would.


She and Sheepy are quite distant in terms of conversing but Amber finds her really sweet and caring. She thinks Sheepy's opinions on things are quite differential from the rest of the groups and that is one of the things that make her stand out the most. She sees Sheepy as a close friend and she respects her.


Amber enjoys hearing Majora's wise thoughts so she can build on herself as an Honorary Scarf Hero. She from time to time loves to joke with him or just act plain stupid. Amber sometimes feels really nervous about her decisions due to being an honorary and will think of him when she needs to find the right path through things. She highly respects him and acknowledges him as a close friend.


Amber's bestie, her partner in crime. Whenever he needs a friend, she'll be near. Although, sometimes due to him being busy Amber often questions their friendship but knows that he just doesn't have the time for her, and she understands. Amber loves to make fun of this nerd though, she gets a kick out of it and Joey does too. >U> She sees him as a bestie and respects him highly.


Whenever Amber is feeling down or having a problem with someone else, she goes to Isa to seek out comfort or help. She thinks Isa is very kind and loving and she enjoys the memories they share. Amber loves to fangirl with Isa too over random things and she relates well with Isa seeing her personality as similar. Amber sees Isa as a best friend and respects her.


Amber is absolutely and hopelessly in love with this dork. She acknowledges him as perfect and wants to make him feel loved in anyway that's possible. Whenever he is in sight, Amber has a huge urge to tackle hug him and kiss him to death but she holds it back... most of the time. Even if she's not the strongest of the group, she'll try her best to protect him because she puts him before herself. Daf tends to be on Amber's mind a lot, so sometimes she'll space out and people assume she's thinking of him because they know she is. Daf is Amber's partner and she can't love him enough. She highly respects him.


She looooooves to play with Kay-Kay and goof around. From time to time however, she feels unwanted due to Kay's grouchiness but deep down she knows who Kay really is. When Kay is on sight Amber bursts with excitement, she always tends to feel really happy around her. Amber wants to be the bestest friend possible to Kay and when Kay is in the mood to be hyper and all she feels even better, like she's truly accomplished something. Sometimes she'll try to hide behind Kay when things are dangerous because she feels Kay will protect her like a big sister would, she relies on Kay for guidance and takes all her advice for granted. She sees Kay as a (sisterly like) best friend and highly respects her.


Amber is shy and awkward around Tales because Tales is her internal senpai, internal meaning she doesn't go all "Senpai notice meee" but she feels that way on the inside. She tries her best to learn from all of Tales actions and sometimes will try and copy Tales with what she says or does, which, most likely, makes Tales upset. Amber sees Tales as a down to earth kind of person and a close friend (senpai) and has high respect for her.


  • Amber's character has blond hair, but in real life, she has dirty blonde hair.
  • Her favorite food is Chow Mein, and favorite drink is apple juice.
  • Usually, she spends her time online, drawing, or wandering around in her own mind.
  • She's vibrant and emotional.
  • She's currently dating Daffy Taffy.
  • Amber is known for saying "Wiener" or obsessing over the word.
  • She also praises wiener and Nipper because of Joey.


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